Christine Siegrist was born in Bamberg/Germany, after her schooling time she made an apprentiship (three years) and finished with a masterĀ“s degree. From 1972 she has lived in Switzerland and worked in different places.

From 1976 until 1978 Christine Siegrist went to Cape Town, her priority was to learn the language and she was confronted with african-art where she was very interested, during the southafrican time she began drawing and water colour painting, autodidactically.

On 1985 continuing with drawing courses and classic porcelain painting in Lucerne and Basel. For three years she gave painting workshops in Lucerne, before she left for Turkey, one and half years. New impressions outside of Ankara - another mode of life. Very improvised but impressionable their artwork and culture,too.

Back to Switzerland Christine Siegrist went on with drawing and porcelain painting.

In 1995 she changed from classic to abstract. From this time on till today Christine Siegrist does: design, experimenting with techniques on porcelain, paintings on linen/cotton, creation of plastic art, bronze.